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Company Overview

Company Name
Kan Fujii (Managing Director)
October 17, 2013
Commencement of Operations
June 1, 2017
13,899,670 USD
Business Activities
Contract manufacturing of electronic devices, creation and processing of electronic data
Number of Employees
320 (as of December 28, 2023)
Group Company
(100% subsidiary of IIDA Trading Co., Ltd.)
(+95) 9-8998-17604
Contact Information
Plot No.B-3, Mingaladon Industrial Park, Corner of No.3 Highway Road and KhayebinRoad, MingaladonTownship, Yangon. Myanmar (Postal Code : 11021)
The largest city in Myanmar, Yangon, is located about 20 minutes by car from the airport.
The largest city in Myanmar, Yangon, is located about 20 minutes by car from the airport.
ISO9001 & ISO27001

Yangon's Largest BPO Hub

Our office is located just 20 minutes by car from Yangon, Myanmar's largest city, and airport. Situated on a spacious campus with state-of-the-art facilities, we have over 300 employees working in two shifts, day and night, providing services 24/7/365.

The lowest prices in Southeast Asia

Myanmar, gaining attention as the next frontier in BPO after Vietnam. Leave the cumbersome and time-consuming simple and large-scale tasks to cost-effective Myanmar BPO services.

ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Certified for International Standards in Information Security and Quality Management

At our company, we have obtained the international standards for Quality Management System, ISO 9001, and Information Security Management System, ISO 27001, aiming to improve customer satisfaction and provide peace of mind.

■Security Measures in Workspaces
•Prohibition of bringing personal belongings, including mobile phones
•Physical separation of networks used for different tasks
•Access log retrieval through firewalls for monitoring system against unauthorized access
•IT and maintenance staff presence within the company

■Security Measures on Factory Premises
•24/7 manned surveillance by security guards
•Constant monitoring through surveillance cameras
•Biometric authentication for access control
•All employees have signed confidentiality agreements

It's said that Myanmar people are diligent and have a gentle personality, with some similarities to Japanese traits. The country's average age is around 27 years old, and the population is approximately 60 million. Myanmar has the highest number of Japanese language test takers in Southeast Asia, indicating its strong affinity towards Japan. At our company, we prioritize training and development, which has led us to grow into an organization of around 300 people.

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IIDA Trading, which operates global business focusing on Japan, China, and ASEAN countries. We have over 50 years of experience in the electronics industry, creating the future. We handle a wide variety of manufacturers and offer not only BPO services but also total solutions!


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